Babywearing Coats – What Are They

Toddler Bed specialist, Room to Grow tells us what a babywearing coat is. When I recently went to visit my daughter and my first granddaughter I noticed that my daughter had a fabulous new cashmere coat. When I admired the coat (both the cut and the fabric are gorgeous) she told me that it’s a babywearing coat that she bought online at a reduced price. I confessed that I didn’t have a clue what a babywearing coat is, despite the fact that I have had two babies myself and brought them up to adulthood. I thought that maybe I missed out somewhere along the line and hadn’t provided my babies with the right equipment for a well-rounded upbringing!

My daughter removed the coat from the hook and put it on, zipping up the front. She looked really stylish and sophisticated – the cut on the coat was great and it fitted where it touched. She looked really slim in this chic dark grey coat that is suitable to wear with anything from jeans to smart dresses. She then took the coat off, picked up baby and wrapped her into a sling which she fixed onto the front of her own body with my granddaughter snuggled in nice and safely. It

was then time to put the coat back on and I wondered if it was a good idea to wear the coat gaping open, especially when it’s so cold outside.

This is where the magic bit comes in. My daughter picked up an oval shaped piece of fabric (the same fabric as the coat) with zips on either side. She zipped each of the sides onto the zips of the coat and voila – it extended the coat to cover baby and both my daughter and my granddaughter were snugly covered by the same garment!

My daughter explained that it’s the latest thing in yummy mummy clothing – babywearing outer garments that will do up over a sling-carried baby. These coats are incredibly expensive and my daughter managed to get hers on eBay at a fraction of the cost of a new one (it still cost quite a hefty chunk of change though). Because the coat fits so well without the addition of the babywearing insert, my daughter is going to keep the coat when she no longer needs to carry baby in this way. After all, it’s 100% cashmere and looks beautiful on her.

If you carry your baby in a sling and need something that will keep you both warm and dry, check out online for babywearing coats. Yes, they are expensive if you buy them brand new, but as my daughter discovered, it’s pretty easy to pick up a bargain if you look around.

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